Lease of working platforms




Reduce costs by renting a work platform

Don’t have the resources for your own work platform? You can start using work platforms to carry out important tasks without having to buy them all at once. Statech also offers work platforms for rent! You can save considerable financial resources that will surely come in handy during your other business activities. The rental of a work platform also includes reliable service and consulting services. You can contact us in advance and consult with us to see if the work platform rental is suitable for your specific case.


You can count on work platform rental from Statech

We have prepared work platform rental for you in 10 categories. You can use articulated, telescopic, or truck boom lifts. Or you can rent a work platform in the categories of high-lift trucks, handlers, and other machines essential to your work. First scroll through the work platforms on our website and then do not hesitate to contact us. We are prepared to do our best so that you will be satisfied with the rental of your work platform.