Sale of working platforms

Expect premium conditions

An investment into work platforms represents expenditures of considerable amounts of financial resources. If you have made the decision to do so, you might consider purchasing the work platform where you will be provided with advantageous conditions. In exchange for your by no means insignificant funds you can choose not only from a wide selection of high quality machines but also excellent servicing and consulting. Statech is ready to offer you all these benefits in such a way as to ensure your total satisfaction. You will get your work platform from us on favourable conditions!

Choose work platforms from nine categories

The selection of work platforms is clearly divided into nine categories. Here you can find all types of work platforms available today. Each category is provided with an explanatory text telling you right away the purpose for which a particular platform is most suited. In most cases, you can also download a prospectus that will provide you with additional information. Then you can just click on the purchase order of the work platform and fill in a simple form. After submitting it, you will be contacted by our staff as soon as possible and you will agree with them on the next steps. High quality work platforms are within your reach!